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Ganley & Naish


Ganley and Naish Cider was founded in 2011 by two friends, Steve and Andy in a back garden in Totterdown.


Each year valuable lessons have been learnt, the target amount of cider has increased and subsequently the equipment required to achieve the goal has been improved. 


We champion elements that are important to consumers now, like sustainability, provenance, terroir, organic as well as being vegan, vegetarian and gluten free. This, we believe, is our USP and go to great lengths to promote it and protect it. We are one of only a few cider makers in the UK to tell people, openly, what is in our cider.


We proudly display the actual ingredients on the label of the cider. This isn’t a legal requirement, but we strongly believe it should be on any alcoholic drinks, as it is with food. This then starts the dialog that ciders are not all equal, when the minimum apple juice requirement is only 35%! In comparison all our ciders are least 90% full of juice.


One over arching element is our branding and the story it tells about out cider, the story of historical event that happen in the village, which is at it heart a cider story. The village in 1830 was the last time someone was hung at the scene of the crime. This was a story involving an illegal cider house in the village, a quarrel between farmer and landlord and ultimately the burning of a barn. On the gallows one of the committed men spoke the words, ‘cider has been our ruin, the ruin of us all’. From this story we have based all the branding around telling there story.

Andy - Cider Maker

4th Generation cider maker, using the same Orchards used by his great grandfather Victor Naish in the Village of Kenn, North Somerset.

  • Cecilie Wicklund Molteberg

    Tattooist / Graphic Designer

    Labels - Hell & High Water

    - Caught Adrift

  • Henry St Leger

    Bristol Based Illustrator and storyboard artist

    Label - No Divisions

  • Samuel St. Leger

    Illustrator and model maker

    Label - No Divisions